We are currently on hiatus. PI will start accepting submissions again on January 2015. Check back with us then!

Parallel Ink: Student Writing & Art Publication

Parallel Ink is your friendly international e-magazine for students, by students between the ages of 12- to 18-years-old. Besides sci-fi serials and fantasy fables, we welcome poignant poetry, quirky rants, discarded love letters, and offbeat text exchanges with open arms (among many other countless gems of literature teens write). We also accept art. Honestly, anything goes if it's creative, captivating, and ready for sending out into the world wide web! Take a look at our past issues on the Archives page.

Parallel Ink, also fondly called Pi, π, or PI, is a voluntary, non-profit publication. It's run by three high schoolers, each living in a different country, who remain very good friends to this day.
 Since then, many middle schoolers and high schoolers have joined the PI staff listBeing open-minded global citizens is a big part of our magazine. To read about how being third culture kids and living overseas led to Parallel Ink, check out our story here!